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* No Points, No School, No Court Appearance in most cases. Non criminal, civil infractions only, Guarantee is limited, some restrictions apply. Call for details.

Why Babkes and Associates?

Admitted to the Florida Bar in 1978
Admitted to the Alabama Bar in 1982

Of Counsel:
Harris W. Gilbert, Esq.,
Craig Rosenberg, Esq.,
Jordan Seeman, Esq.,
Andrew Smallman, Esq.,
Susan Walker, Esq.,
Kevin Warmbrandt, Esq.,

admitted Florida Bar 2003
admitted Florida Bar 1999
admitted Florida Bar 1985
admitted Florida Bar 2004
admitted Florida Bar 1996
admitted Florida Bar 1986

The firm of Babkes & Associates began the Practice of Law in 1978. From the beginning, the focus of the firm has been on Traffic Tickets and Traffic Related Offenses.

Babkes & Associates collectively, has over 100 years experience in helping people navigate the complex legal system.

Our competitors were in school, coping with the challenges of acne, homework & dating, while we were aggressively in Court helping people like you.

For over 33 years, our firm has been 100% FOCUSED on Traffic Tickets and Traffic Related Offenses. This means we DO NOT handle Wills, Divorces or Personal Injury Cases. We DO NOT recommend other Lawyers, in order to receive a 25% referral fee.

Call any other Traffic Lawyer, BUT do not tell them that you have a traffic ticket or Traffic Criminal Matter. Make believe you want to discuss a Divorce, Personal Injury or Estate Planning Matter. All Law offices EXCEPT Babkes & Associates will either handle the matter or recommend another Lawyer, in order to receive a 25% Referral Fee.

The Firm of Babkes & Associates Law Firm has 100% Professional Focus upon the Traffic Ticket or Traffic Criminal Offense that you have.
We have over 33 years experience
We have handled over 1,500,000 cases

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