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Miami Expungement Lawyer

Having a criminal record can have an impact on your life in the present and more so in the future. The main case for expungement or sealing of a criminal record is due to potential issues with employment. Many businesses perform thorough background checks before they even consider hiring an applicant and you're chances of being hired decreases significantly with an arrest record. You're personal reputation is also at risk with a criminal record because it can be seen by anyone. A person's criminal record can be viewed in seconds (for free) with just a simple search on the internet.

What is expungement?

The dictionary definition of the word "expunge" is to erase, obliterate, or destroy. In legal terms, expungement refers to the physical destruction of a criminal case/record by the sheriff's office, Florida State Attorney's Office, and the arresting agency. When a record is expunged, it can only be viewed by select government agencies and no one else.

The following government agencies have complete access to criminal records regardless of expungement:

  • All schools (public and private)
  • The Department of Education
  • The Department of Children and Family Services
  • The Department of Juvenile Justice
  • The Florida Bar
  • Criminal justice agencies
  • What happens when a criminal record is sealed?

    When a criminal record is sealed in Florida, it is no longer accessible by the public. Sealed records aren't physically destroyed but protected from access by a court order. Similar to an expunged record, a sealed record can only be viewed by particular agencies mentioned above.

    Expungement Eligibility

    Elgibility for expungement in the state of Florida will be denied if:

  • You were found guilty of a previous criminal offense.
  • You have expunged or sealed a prior offense.
  • You have a criminal record that includes a serious crime (that was not dismissed) under Florida Statute 907.041
  • You have not completed or fulfilled the requirements of probation.
  • How To Get Your Record Expunged

    Once you have determined your eligibility for expungement, contact us at Babkes & Associates. Our Miami expungement lawyers will start will start the legal process of expunging and/or sealing your criminal arrest record in Florida. The expungement process in Florida is not something that happens overnight and involves a few steps including: fingerprinting, filing a disposition, filling out an FDLE application, getting signatures from the State Attorney's Office, and a court hearing.

    If you have been arrested and you are looking for a Miami expungement lawyer to handle your case, contact us immediately. It is strongly recommended that you have an attorney represent you in court to properly fulfill and expedite the expungement of your record efficiently. The attorneys at Babkes & Associates have handled numerous expungement cases in Miami and throughout the state of Florida. Don't gamble with your future and Give us a call at 954-452-8630.


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