Cracking Down on Sneaking into Express Lanes

The department of transportation is going to eliminate the temptation to sneak into express lanes on the highway, and perhaps save your life. They will be removing the poles that are flimsy looking and too far apart and replacing them with sturdier poles; and, placing them closer together so a car cannot squeeze through.

Additionally, the Florida highway patrol will now have a designated spot to pull you over if you’re doing something illegal in those lanes. In the past, there was no safe spot to pull people over so you may have gotten lucky.

As a result of all of these changes, the Florida highway patrol has announced they will begin cracking down on lane divers., which can result in a hefty fine and points on your license.

If you get caught and want to fight back, no worries – we’re here for you. Just give us a call and will be happy to give you a FREE  consultation at 954 452-8630.

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Pembroke Pines – Red Light Cameras

Pembroke Pines is bringing back red light cameras. If you drive in Pembroke Pines, get ready to lose more of your constitutional rights. The city just announced they are bringing back the red light camera program after a three-year hiatus.

The City had shut it down because it was costing more money than it was bringing in.
For years, when the city was sold a bill of goods by a private red light camera company, it was always in the name of Public Safety. It wasn’t about the money they would always say.

Sure, and that’s why they shut it down the moment they realized the system was costing more than it was bringing in. If it wasn’t about money, it would never have been shut down.

If you have any kind of traffic ticket and would like to fight back, give us a call at 954 452-8630 and we will be happy to give you a free consultation and tell you how we can assist you.

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The Best Florida Traffic Law Firm

When people have a problem, they want to find the best person to help them. If you needed surgery, you wouldn’t seek out an average surgeon, you would try to find the best doctor you could. When it comes to Florida traffic tickets you just received, you will want the best traffic attorney you can find.

Babkes & Associates has worked tirelessly for over 39 years helping our clients by doing everything possible to try and get the best results in court. We stay late returning phone calls as we know many clients have questions thinking they can only be answered by an attorney. In fact, it is not uncommon to hear people’s shock when we call them back at 7 PM or later. We have built our reputation by trying to do everything the right way as we feel is the only way to achieve long-term success. Babkes & Associates is the oldest South Florida law firm focusing on traffic and traffic criminal offenses.

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Lane Diving Onto I-95 Express Lane

The state of Florida is going to curb the dangerously illegal practice of lane diving on interstate  I-95. Lane diving is the suicide commando-like maneuver in which motorists plow through the flexible polls demarcating the highways toll express lanes.

Road crews will begin replacing the existing poles with a sturdier design along the toll lanes which run between interstate 836 in the Golden Glades Interchange.

The Florida highway patrol, meanwhile, reminded motorists that it’s already cracking down on lane diving.

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Beware of Fake Speeding Ticket Email Scam

Florida at the moment does not email tickets to anyone. Traffic tickets in Florida are only given one of two ways.

An actual police officer pulls you over and hands you a traffic ticket. The only all the way in traffic ticket might find you is in your mailbox. Your actual mailbox near your house not your inbox. These are red light camera tickets and the fact that they are sent through the mail is one of the biggest problems I have with them.

The state of Florida has it made the leap from taking a picture of your license and running it through a database. They can’t find your email and link the two then send you a traffic ticket. Do you not full victim to this scam. Delete the fraudulent email soon as possible.

If you have a Florida traffic ticket and would like a free consultation I’ll be happy to take a look at your citations and give you our professional opinion. Just call us at 954-452-8730

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Negotiating with a Prosecutor

I have negotiated with prosecutors for 38 years and want to share some observations concerning the experience.

Prosecutors assume that the information provided by the police is true and accurate. Simply claiming that the police are lying or misrepresenting the facts of the case will not in and of itself be sufficient. The question a prosecutor will ask is why would an officer, who never had dealings with the defendant and is trained and licensed by the state, falsely claims information concerning the defendant. Concrete evidence is required such as eyewitnesses or videos that challenge the police version of an incident.

Prosecutors are aware of the complex maze of rules and regulations that apply in a criminal prosecution of a citizen, and they expect the defendant to be as well. Defendants who represent themselves are held to the same standards as a licensed experienced lawyer. If there is truth in it, the legal challenge to the case against the defendant is incompetent upon the defense to know it and present it to the court.

Judges and prosecutors will not openly say it but it is perceived to be a sign of disrespect for a knowledgeable defendant who is unfamiliar with the legal intricacies to appear in court and simply announce that they are innocent.

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Petit Theft

Do I need a lawyer for a petty theft charge? Petty theft is not a petty problem. If you were caught stealing or being accused of stealing, the charge is petty theft. Since the charge includes the word petty it must be no big deal right? Wrong! You definitely do need a lawyer.

Long-term consequences: A conviction for shoplifting is just like any other criminal conviction. You’ll have a criminal record that may follow you for the rest of your life. When you apply for a job the employer will see the conviction when he does a criminal background check. This may make it harder for you to find a job. Also, if you apply for college or even a professional license like a license to practice law or  medicine, that conviction will be discovered and you may not get the license.

Babkes & Associates has been helping clients since 1978 get the best possible outcome in regard to the legal matters  that they are involved in. We offer free consultations. We discuss your case we explain your options we recommend a course of action. Your Legal needs  are our priority.

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What To Do After Getting A Traffic Ticket

Believe it or not, there is a huge percentage of people that fail to take any action when they get a ticket, and the traffic ticket turns into a major problem.

In Florida, when you get a ticket you have three options:

1. Pay it. This is the worst option because you are admitting to the violation and this will result in points on your driver’s license and almost guaranteed insurance increase.

2. Pay it and elect traffic school. Almost as bad as option one because you’re paying the ticket immediately and you are paying the cost of the school; and, you are committing to spending at least four hours in traffic school.

3. Fight the ticket. My firm is in court every day and we have a team of lawyers to make sure we are at every court date and ready to go. With fees starting at $39.95, you may decide it’s worth it for peace of mind to let the experts handle it. It is ultimately up to you. Make sure whatever you do that you do something instead of nothing after receiving a traffic ticket.

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Free Legal Advice

I regularly talk to people who have had or currently  have legal problems in need of assistance. It is not uncommon for them to say they have talk to various non-lawyers about the legal issues but still are unsure as to how to proceed.

There are many experienced lawyers who advertise free consultations. Yet many people are afraid or reluctant to make a call which may actually result in the resolution of their problems. Lawyers possess the education training and experience that others lack. Do not rely upon what a non-lawyer says about matters that lie outside of their field of expertise. I am referring to accountants police officers as well as headdresses.

When Babkes and Associates provide a free consultation we discuss the facts of the  case,as well as   explain the clients options and recommend a course of action which is geared to the resolution of the problem.

If you have legal issues or problems and wish a free consultation call us at 954 452-8630.

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Police Body Cameras

Miami-Dade commissioners easily approved one of the largest body camera purchases in the country, authorizing up to 1500 video devices for the county police force.

Police officials expect to have the first wave of body cameras deployed next month in the counties Midwest precinct which includes Doral. Roughly the size of a deck of cards, the black device is mounted on an officer  shirt near the badge.

It is believed that the cameras will act as a countermeasure to civilian cell phone footage which may give an incomplete look at high-profile police incidents.

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